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download Znews Multimedia Post For Wordpress plugin nulled

Znews Multimedia Post For WordPress

Free Z-News WordPress Post Slider is a plugin of news with multimedia options. Can be configured video (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 and FLV), audio (MP3), image and html content (using the WordPress editor). Znews Multimedia Post For WordPress plugin has features Touch Swipe, Drag and responsive layout.

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download jQuery responsive youtube playlist for Wordpress nulled

jQuery responsive youtube playlist for WordPress

A very simple way to show a youtube playlist with jquery and fully responsive player. You can choose the following playlists. A regulair playlist (the default), user_uploads (channel), make a list with search keywords or make your own custom list all with the use of shortcodes

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download JackBox nulled wordpress plugin

JackBox – Responsive Lightbox – WordPress Plugin

The JackBox stylesheets and scripts will only load into your web page if the page contains a lightbox item. This means that on the pages where no lightbox items are used, no unecessary plugin files are loaded. When JackBox CSS and JavaScript filesare loaded, they load asynchronously, helping your web …

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download Remote Upload WordPress Plugin nulled

Remote Upload – WordPress Plugin

If you use WordPress, and you have to download and upload files from the net very often then this plugin can cut your work in half. You don’t have to wast your time in tiresome saving of images & files from the net and upload them to your blog again. …

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download Custom Backgrounds for WordPress nulled

Custom Backgrounds for WordPress

With WordPress 3.0 a new feature was introduced called custom backgrounds for WordPress themes. This feature gives you the ability to add custom backgrounds on your site, which will your site a unique touch.

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download Instagram Element nulled wordpress plugin

Instagram Element – Cornerstone Element for WordPress

Free Instagram Element is a premium Instagram plugin for bloggers, photographers, models, and anyone looking to increase their presence on Instagram. Based off the popular Instagram Journal plugin, this Cornerstone version allows you to easily manage 50+ flexible options and create the perfect display with just a few clicks. Furthermore …

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download Yottie nulled wordpress plugin

Yottie – YouTube Channel WordPress Plugin

Prepare your website for showing YouTube videos in the best way. Yottie is a powerful WordPress plugin for YouTube which your website deserves. It allows selecting the desired channels and even single videos for creating your own playlist right on your website.

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