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Advanced iFrame Pro WordPress Plugin free download

Advanced iFrame Pro 7.4 – WordPress Plugin

Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements and forward parameters. You can also embed content directly or show a part of an iframe.

Advanced iFrame Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Resize the iframe to the content height or width
  • Show only specifiy areas of the iframe
  • Zoom iframe content
  • Modify css styles
  • Lazy load
  • Loading indicator
  • Responsive iframes/videos
  • Browser detection
  • Change link targets and show iframes as layer with header/footer
  • Scrolling on ipad and iphone
  • Advanced url parameter handling
  • Use iframes in the widget areas

Download Nulled Advanced iFrame Pro WordPress Plugin

Download Advanced iFrame Pro WordPress Plugin

Advanced iFrame Pro Plugin Free - Changelog

Advanced iFrame Pro 7.4 Nulled 


  • New: New installations get postMessage communication as default as only 0.2% of all used browsers (IE <= 8) do not support this! When the project was started this was almost 20%!
  • New: Improved documentation of the external workaround tab.
  • New: “Hide part of an iframe” is now also included to the area selector.
  • New: “Hide part of an iframe” has now an extra section in the config.
  • New: If we have a wrapper div we set this as default element to measure. This avoids problems if dynamically other elements are added by other scripts!
  • New: default element can be set on the external workaround tab and not only before the ai_external.js
  • New: Warning is shown in the log if the element cannot be measured
  • New: Add better support for element to measure -> getbyid -> jQuery…
  • New: Warning is shown when id starts with a number
  • New: Seems some seo tools do render the shortcode in the administration. This can cause that the whole administration is hidden if hide_content_until_iframe_color is set. Therefore  if wp-admin is found in the url the following parameters are disabled: hide_page_until_loaded, hide_page_until_loaded_external=,hide_content_until_iframe_color to avoid this problem.
  • New: New help section postMessage comunication vs. iframe
  • Fix: The reserved words link in URL forward parameters is now working
  • Fix: add a ; automatically after the style to avoid configuration errors

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